5 Minute Lunches!

Picture 295 minute Lunches
1.) If you are in a work place or environment where it is hard to stop for lunch, make sure you bring lunch with you. Stop on your way in or plan on Sunday for the week to bring the food with you for the week. Leave jarred or canned foods in the office so they are available when you need them, as well as bread, fruit, and vegetables. If you need early, bagel stores are usually open early. Instead of a bagel and cream cheese that has little nutrients or fiber. Get a tuna, chicken salad, turkey, etc on bagel with tomato and sprouts, if possible. Eat 1/2 at breakfast and 1/2 at midmorning or 1/2 at lunch and 1/2 at 3pm You can pick up 2 sandwiches if you are desperate to  carry you through the whole day. Also grab a piece or two of fruit  and coleslaw to help carry you through the day.
2.) Homemade tunafish (water based)  with Spectrum  mayonaise and  raisins, apple, almonds, walnuts, or celery. Its quick and easy. Have with good high fiber bread and a salad, soup, or fruit. You can eat the other 1/2 a sandwich at 3pm
3.) Good Bread with peanut butter, banana slivers, and drizzled honey with a glass of milk or soymilk. You will not be looking for anything sweet after this treat.
4.) Boca Burger or Garden Burger. Heat in toaster oven add tomato and precut up spinach. Bruchetta spread from Trader Joes or other store. Good bread and Spectrum Mayonaise and mustard.
5.) Soup and Sandwich or Salad and Sandwich. Eat 1/2 the sandwich and soup or salad. Save the other 1/2 a sandwich to eat at 3pm with some fruit.
6.) Left over fish from last nights dinner.  Toast a Fish Taco with Spectrum mayonaise and a little mustard.
7.) Stir fry from last nights diinner. Heat up rice or pasta noodles an add egg, vegetable protein mix, and frozen vegetables or left over vegetables. Add Braggs Amino Acid, taste like soy sauce, or tomato sauce.
8.) Left over chicken make chicken salad. Add raisins, grapes, or apple pieces with spectrum mayonaise and crackers or on healthy bread and fruit.
9.) You can buy frozen chicken or fish patties. Put in the toaster over and have with a premade salad and healthy chips.
10.) Eggless eggsalad or hummus and tabouli. You can buy premade add to good bread with some carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, sprouts. Buy precut vegetables and dip. 
11.) Split pea soup or chicken noodle soup and good high fiber bread.
12,) Prepare a large quantity of food over the weekend so you have it ready during the week. For example soup or lasagne and then you can have it as a snack or meal through out the day.
13.) Buy soy meatballs heat and cook 2 minutes of angel hair pasta, stir in some frozen vegetables.Soy Yves sandwich meat as an alternative, to ham or turkey.
14.) Take leftovers from the night before and freeze in a lunch portion for the next day.
15.) Health Valley chilli with corn bread or other good quality bread. Health Valley makes a turkey and vegetarian canned chilli. Quick and taste good.
16.) If you are eating out, get comfortable ordering it without creams, cheeses, oils, etc. It is expensive to eat out so we might as well have food prepared the way you like. Plan for your 3pm snack time. Plan to take left overs with you for your afternoon snack. Order an extra soup or fruit, so you can save some of your main meal for 3pm.


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