Hypnosis…What is it???



Are you familiar with Hypnosis?

Some of us think of hypnosis and we imagine stage shows where an individual is standing on a chair acting silly or quacking like a duck. We may say to ourselves, “Oh, my goodness, I would never want someone to have control over my mind like that.”Actually, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, which means that the client has complete control over their experience.

Remember, those at stage shows are there for entertainment purposes and when given the suggestion to “quack like a duck,” would probably do so in their own living room as well. No one can ever make us say or do anything out side of our value or belief system when we are in hypnosis.

So what exactly is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is an “awake” state, where the physical body is relaxed, yet the mind is mentally alert. When the conscious mind is relaxed or at bay, the subconscious mind becomes open to suggestion. Hypnosis is similar to guided visualization, and allows us to become greatly absorbed in the experience and sensations of our ideas and imagination. If we can perceive it, we can achieve it.

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  1. i thought the same i thought i would end up quaking like a duck or do some other stupid stuff if i was hypnotised well that could not be more un true it was such a great experence an the secssions were recorded an given to me so nothing could be a miss or trying to “”do “” something to you it helped me to get to the core of me and i lost 30 pounds with great guideness

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