Overcoming Emotional Eating.

In order to overcome emotional eating you first have to understand what it is.

Emotional overeating is primarily eating to mask difficult feelings.  When we experience any unpleasant emotion, we may be tempted to reach for our “sugar/simple-carbohydrate” fix (By simple carbohydrates I mean white flour, refined products, not fruits, whole grains or vegetables.)  We also may be emotionally eating for at any time and for any reason, whether we are feeling anything or not aware of feeling anything in particular.  We may be soothing our boredom or mindlessly snacking through the day.  For many of us feeding ourselves becomes disconnected from physical hunger and at times we may not know any other ways to take care of ourselves.

These are stressful time and we all manifest our stress differently at different times.  Some of us tend to hold it inside.  Others explode in angry rages.  Our responses may differ but when we are stressed, our bodies produce excess cortisol and cortisol is a hormone that increases appetite.  This is important to know because sometimes if you realize you are extra hungry and you are feeling stressed, you will know that it is in large part due to the cortisol flooding into your system and you may choose to do something to manage your stress other that eating to soothe yourself.  You could go for a walk, talk with a friend or take a warm bath for example.

In summary, to be your very best, naturally healthy, vibrant, beautiful self and to stop eating for emotional reasons, you must consider your total wellbeing.  It is no longer possible for you to think in terms of calories in/calories out as your guide.  It is more complicated than that and yet it is paradoxically simple as well.

For more information on how to get help with emotional overeating visit: http://www.thehungryheart.org.


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