About the Hungry Heart

A Caring Approach to Out-of-Control Eating

Program Overview

We have created a step by step program that teaches you how to stop the diet/binge cycle and lose the weight naturally and permanently. It will show you how to move past your negative preoccupation with eating and weight loss and move towards a more rewarding and satisfying life. Enjoy eating the foods you love, without gaining weight or feeling guilty.

Option 1: Our in Office One on One Process:

You will be working one on one in our office with your personal Hungry Heart Certified Counselor. All of our counselors are Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Nutritional Counselors as well as have worked through and overcome their own issues with out of control eating. Your counselor will guide you through the eight session process as you learn how to stop the self sabotage, internal struggle, and heal your relationship with food.

Each individual session is confidential, discreet, and approximately one hour and ten minutes in length. These sessions include personal hypnosis, learning how to approach food in a manner that will set you up for life long success; a permanent approach to out of control eating so you can lose weight naturally and permanently, as well as working through your personal issues that are causing your unhealthy relationship with food, and life style approach.

For more information, as well as helpful tools, visit our website at: www.hungryheart.org


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