Ways to Overcome Resistance to Change and Self Sabotage

Embrace Change
The only one stopping you…just might be…YOU!

Here are some ways to Overcome Resistance to Change & Self – Sabotage

Do you ever find yourself starting projects only to leave them unfinished?

Why is it that we have difficulty finishing things we start? Is it boredom? Maybe we feel stuck and choose to quit instead working through to a solution? When we are working on creating change in important parts of our lives, it is not surprising if we are dealing with some resistance to the changes. So, what exactly is resistance?

Resistance is a feeling we get when things are about to change. While you are going through this process, we want you to be aware of some of the different feelings and thoughts you may experience and how to work through them. Resistance to change comes in many forms.

The first few sessions, like anything new we are excited, and we do everything the way we are supposed to. Then something from life hits, it throws us off balance and we might find ourselves saying “Maybe this is not for me”, or “I can’t do this now, I can’t think.” Or we use other delaying tactics like “As soon as I get through with ____.” Some familiar forms of resistance “I’ll do it later.” Or “this is not the right time.” Whenever you find yourself using reasons not to move forward, it is because you are demonstrating some form of resistance to change.

We have to be open to change, or we will always be finding a reason not to do something that would benefit us. We would always prefer other people to change – not us. If we keep doing the same thing over and over, we will always get what we’ve always gotten. If we want to have different things show up in our lives, we first have to be open to and willing to change. Sometimes we demonstrate resistance because we don’t know “how” to change. We may become impatient because unless we can figure out exactly what kind of change is coming, and how we will feel about it, we simply opt for doing nothing because it seems safer. Impatience is another form of resistance. It is resistance to learning and to changing. When we demand that it be done now, completed at once, then we don’t give ourselves time to learn the lesson involved with the problem we have created. This is why diets can be effective initially – because they are able to demonstrate results quickly. That satisfies us and eliminates temporary resistance. However, since we didn’t take the time to learn about ourselves, and to deal with the reasons why we eat when we are not hungry, soon the weight comes back on.

Resistance to change can come in the form of Fear – “I’m not ready yet, I might fail,” Or in Denial – “I can’t do anything about this problem,” or Delaying tactics – “The time isn’t right. Or, “As soon as I get through with ____.” Some of us have a streak of stubbornness within us. If we decide to do something differently, the stubbornness can surface and our resistance to changing our thinking is strong. We may temporarily become self-righteous, angry and withdrawn.

So what can we do to move through the resistance?….

Stand in front of your mirror and look into your eyes as you say 3-4 times:

“I am open to change”

Did you feel any tightness in your throat? Was it difficult or easy to say? If you felt like it just didn’t feel right in your gut, than ask yourself what the resistance is about. Then say in the mirror 3 – 4 times:

“I am open to release the need for the resistance”

Whenever you find yourself questioning if you should continue, or if this is right for you, just allow yourself to see it for what it really is, and simply tell yourself that you are willing to change, and willing to release all resistance. The Universe supports us in every thought we choose to think. If we think we can’t – we can’t. Act as if you believe this is the best thing for you at this time and your life. Give yourself the gift of patience and love – you will get positive results!


Get over the Hump-Day- Progress Report.

LETS GET PHYSICAL…at they gym!  But wait…we have a body image confession.  Here  is what one of our followers would like to share for “Get over the Hump-Day”…

“Confession: I do not change in the locker room. I didn’t feel comfortable doing it in high school gym and I still don’t feel comfortable. I’m not the only one either: there are more than a few ladies at my gym who change in a bathroom stall or arrive dressed in the workout gear. Also, I’ve never seen anyone in my sauna without a towel around her.

I’m a little modest about getting naked in front of a bunch of strangers, but I know other women have different reasons for staying clothed. Some aren’t comfortable with their bodies, others don’t want to be judged, and some don’t feel like their locker rooms are private enough. No one wants to be caught with their pants down as the door swings wide open to the gym floor!”

What about you . . . Is part of the reason you don’t go to the gym or want to put on exercise clothes because you are too aware of flaws and imperfections???

Here’s our tip:  Until you feel comfortable, arrive with your gym clothes on.  Purchase workout gear from quality places like lululemon who specialize in making our bodies look the best they can while exercising.  Wear an oversize t-shirt with yoga pants and realize that the more you exercise, the better you will feel about your body! Don’t let being too self-aware of your flaws stop you from getting physical.  Everyone is hyper sensitive to the way our bodies look.  Our culture strives for perfectionism which creates insecurities because none of us are perfect.  Remember that and get to the gym!!